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Welcome to the Coaching Monthly Webinars with Noble Manhattan https://eepurl.com/b5L-Wv which we run for the benefit of our students.

The webinar series on topics included in the curriculum of the Practitioner Coach Diploma Course are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of every month, from 18:30 h till 19:30 h Bulgarian Time.

These webinars are also available for free to all our graduates to help them with their continuing professional development. They form part of our extensive, free, Life-Long support package which comes complementary with many Noble Manhattan courses.

WE CARE FOR YOU not only while you are studying with us, but also AFTER you qualify.

Webinar lecturer: Borislava Loboshka, ASC (IAPC&M) – in the process of accreditation as a Master Coach. Borislava is one of the mentors and trainers on the Noble Manhattan Coaching International faculty; and a successful Life and Business Coach with many years of experience

Note to PCD students and graduates:

1) The webinars are recorded for you and freely available for all PCD Noble Manhattan Students and graduates in the ever-growing on-line audio library in the Student Resource Area (https://NMCMA.com/), where you have free access to over 200+ additional hours of recorded lectures by a wide variety of acclaimed and experienced life and business coaches and mentors.

2) All NMC students and graduates have FREE access to the live airing of all webinars – that is 4 webinars per month !!!

>> Join this OPEN Live event as it means you can ask questions at the end!

Note to non-NMC students or graduates:

1) If you are attending our webinars for the 1st or 2nd time, you can join in LIVE for FREE – please request the log in to the live webinar here: noble-manhattan@europe-ce.net

2) For everyone – in order to receive access please make sure your monthly or yearly webinar subscription is current – please, request further information here at: noble-manhattan@europe-ce.net

Receive reminders about all webinars, masterclasses, events and coach training programs directly to your email – register here:https://eepurl.com/b5L-Wv