Noble Manhattan Coaching is the global leader in professional coach training, creating magnificent life, executive and corporate coaches since 1993.

Besides our accredited and highly acclaimed coach training programs, we also run a special division dedicated entirely to the support of those who are already coaches, or are in the process of training as a professional.

It is no coincidence that Noble Manhattan is known as the most caring coaching company. And we extend support not only to our own coaches and graduates, but to all, regardless of where they have trained.

The Coaching Support Division of Noble Manhattan runs monthly coaching support group meetings in many many cities around the globe.

Many of you have met our teams and attended the coaching support meetings in Sofia, Plovdiv, Skopje, Beirut, Bucharest, London, Galat, Brasov, Zurich, Biel-Bienne and many other places.

In response to the worldwide health and safety measures, all meetings are currently held ONLINE.

This month we would like to invite you to our

International Online Coaching Support Meeting

on the Intriguing Topic of Money During Covid 19

courtesy of the Noble Manhattan Coaching Support Division Levant and Middle East 

under the leadership of Pauline Sawaya, Accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M)

in collaboration with Noble Manhattan Europe-CE / Coaching Support Division in the Balkans

 the meeting will be held in English.

Why You Should Attend?

1) first, the topic is absolutely relevant for the current state of world affairs

2) second, the speaker is not only the leading expert on Coaching, but … someone with huge experience and expertise in the world of finances 

“Money Talks”

– Finances and Money During Covid 19

– and what does Coaching have to do with all that?

Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 19:00 h Sofia / Beirut
18:00 h Skopje / Zurich
17:00 h London (GMT)
URL: click “Request the ZOOM Link Here” on the buttons below – and the link will be sent to your email address

About the Topic:

Money During Covid 19During recent times the economies of most nations around the world have weakened and are continuing to weaken. Consequently many people struggle financially.

What will happen if worldwide financial conditions continue to worsen ?

We are starting to see some economic consequences already. However what is less visible is the financial-induced stress caused by the uncertainty. As a result worrying about your finances can affect your mental health and well-being.

Managing money is important at all times. However managing money during Covid 19 becomes even more essential during a crisis such as the current one.

Join Gerard as he shares a perspective that can truly make a difference during these trying times.

About the Speaker:

money during covid 19 Meet the dynamic and inspirational Gerard O’Donovan, one of the leading authorities on Coaching and founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching.

Prior to life coaching Gerard was in the Royal Marines and had a career as a financial advisor. He is the owner and fonder of Westminster Indemnity financial institution.

His entrepreneurial skills soon revealed themselves and he founded his own life coach training company, Noble Manhattan, which is still the only one in Britain to have gained an A* accreditation from the European Coaching Institute (ECI).

Over the last seventeen years he has been instrumental in establishing several more companies and taking them from inception to extraordinary high levels of turnover.

Gerard is one of only 6 Accredited Fellow Coaches in the World

Gerard has been identified both professionally with accreditations and by his peers as a leading expert in his field.

money during covid 19

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