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    21 Affirmations of Abundance Ebook

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    21 Affirmations of Abundance Ebook. Co Authored by Katrin Prentice AMC (IAPC&M) and Abraham Stone DipNMC
  • Receive 280 accredited hours of specific coach training, which brings you the essence of the Diploma Course and supplements it with extensive practical coaching masterclass group training.

    Enjoy unprecedented continuous post-graduate professional development, to provide the best happy medium of a high-quality coach training course, which is both time and cost-effective. за български: See the full description of the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate program HERE. Who is Noble Manhattan Coaching - meet our founder and CEO Gerard O'Donovan

    30% Christmas 2020 Discount

    till the 23-rd of December

    You can register straight via our online shop

    Or you can write to us at if you need assistance, or prefer to use the 10 months interest-FREE payment plan option - averages your monthly payments to 190 euro per month, after the deposit.
  • Business Building Day

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    Building Your Coaching Business

    Being a coach, student coach or entrepreneur can be quite daunting. Not only do we need to know everything about our industry and how to deliver a great product and service but we must also be masters at brand raising, marketing and selling and this is where many of us stumble. Noble Manhattan, have been training coaches in 28 countries for longer than most other coaching organisations in the world. We have got huge experience helping entrepreneurs to build their business and attract clients. With that in mind we have launched an incredible one day highly intensive jampacked training called

    Build Your Professional Practice

    What is needed to build personal business practice that really success? If you :
    • You want to attract new customers
    • Want your business not only survive, but to achieve real success
    • Dreaming of sustainable growth and higher profits
    • Crave your work to receive recognition and respect
    • Believe in what you do, and want others also to believe in you
    • Ready for a newfound sense of satisfaction!
    • Looking for positive change in business and life …
    … This is the one business development course you should consider, it will definitely be a successful investment for you!   Gerard O'Donovan is the founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan Coaching - the world's leader in coach training. visit: httpss:// See what others say after attending Business Building Day: httpss://  
  • Welcome to Monthly Coaching Webinars with Noble Manhattan Coaching - the leading coach training provider in the world.

    These are educational lectures/discussions held on line. The subscription includes the live access to the webinars on the two Noble Manhattan Diploma Courses, as they are aired or published for the inner circle of our student-coaches as well as graduate coaches. Practitioner Coach Diploma - PCD - English/Bulgarian Executive and Corporate Coach Certificate / Diploma - ECCC/D -English and any additional extras shared with our Noble Manhattan family of coaches - you basically become part of the support which Noble Manhattan Europe-CE provides to all coaches who have trained or are in training with us. - Join the Family! If you are a student or graduate coach of Noble Manhattan - you can attend any for FREE - both during your training, as well as after you graduate. The free access to any new training webinars for ever, is part of the massive post-graduate support and Continuous Professional Development which Noble Manhattan provides free of charge to our graduates.

    It is worth to train as a coach with Noble Manhattan Coaching.

    - you pay once for one of our training programs, however you benefit for ever from the support. This makes Noble Manhattan Coaching unique place to obtain your coaching qualification. No other company on the planet provides the support and care which our students receive. Noble Manhattan Coaching has the unchallenged reputation as the most caring coaching company. And our students are truly welcomed into our coaching family.

    These webinars are a sampling of the Continuous Professional Development and support, available FREE of charge to our students and graduates with many of the Noble Manhattan courses

    Noble Manhattan Coaching (httpss:// is the Number One European Coaching company and among the Top 3 in the wolrd. Established in 1993 г., NMC Ltd is the longest in existence coach training company in the world (outside of USA) and has unchallenged reputation of creating top coaches of the highest calibre. contact us at: For more information in Bulgarian language - see also: httpss:// and our partner foundation - Palitri and Partners Foundation at httpss://

    10 Modules Coaching Masterclass Program ONLINE

    with Coaching Supervision and Mentoring
    NOTE: The current Promotional Discount is time limited - in a few days the price will go up by 125 euro !

    The course consists of 10 monthly training days modules.

    Successful completion of the 10 masterclass modules in 12 months results in a Certificate in Applied Coaching Competencies. For assistance and further information, write us to:
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    Transformika Coaching Cards

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    A luxury box with a total of 47 cards (2 cards with General Instructions, 32 Cards with Coaching topics, 2 Jokers, 1 Coaching Mantras Instruction Card and 10 Coaching Mantras Cards with 6 mantras per card). The size of each card is 100x155 mm. Transformika Coaching Cards are powered by Noble Manhattan Coaching. Created by Iana Avramova. Shipping charges may apply.
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