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Business Building Day

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Building Your Coaching Business

Being a coach, student coach or entrepreneur can be quite daunting. Not only do we need to know everything about our industry and how to deliver a great product and service but we must also be masters at brand raising, marketing and selling and this is where many of us stumble.

Noble Manhattan, have been training coaches in 28 countries for a longer than most other coaching organisations in the world.

We have got huge experience helping entrepreneurs to build their business and attract clients.

With that in mind we have launched an incredible one day highly intensive jampacked training called

Build Your Professional Practice

What is needed to build personal business practice that really success?

If you :

  • You want to attract new customers
  • Want your business not only survive, but to achieve real success
  • Dreaming of sustainable growth and higher profits
  • Crave your work to receive recognition and respect
  • Believe in what you do, and want others also to believe in you
  • Ready for a newfound sense of satisfaction!
  • Looking for positive change in business and life …

… This is the one business development course you should consider, it will definitely be a successful investment for you!


49 in stock


When : 10 June 2019 Sofia, Hotel Jasmine

Time: start of registration 9:00 am; seminar from 9:30 am to 17:30 pm

The training “Building a successful business practice” will be conducted in English language!

Cost: 150 Euros per person

Bring a Friend:  If you have a friend or two that would benefit from the day’s training, bring them along. 

You can use the Group Discount Coupon and reduce the ticket by 25 euros per person. – Valid only for online registrations and payments made in advance.

The Coupon can only be used once on the checkout page.

Just put the word  GROUP in the apply discount box and make sure to fill in the friends Name, email and phone number in the ORDER NOTES box.

Additional information

Single Ticket

Single Ticket 150 EUROS per person

Group Discount

Bring another person and save 25 euros per person.
Type GROUP in the Apply Coupon box on the View Cart and type your extra persons Name, Email and Phone Number in the ORDER NOTES box.