365 euro X 10 months

It’s never been easier – 365 euro Is ALL You Need to START

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The program launches on September 25th

You will receive:

  1. 360 Hours blended learning – Level 7 IAPC&M – over 10 months
  2. 7 hours of personal mentoring – by an Accredited Master Coach who will work with you individually https://www.noble-manhattan.com/nm-faculty/
  3. Over 54 hours of LIVE webinars – by international faculty of Accredited Master Coaches
  4. Over 300 hours library of archived teleclasses and webinars – international faculty of lectures – FREE access forever
  5. 3-Day International Coaching Experience Weekend
  6. Right to Return to Residential Coaching Experience weekend any time you wish for FREE (forever, anywhere in the world) – currently it is held online
  7. Final skills assessment by a master coach (final practical exam in order to issue your diploma)FREE post-graduate support forever
  8. Ever-growing online support community of coaches
  9. Monthly personal Q&A support time with the managing directors “Ask Us Anything” – FREE
  10. Personal support coaching – FREE
  11. the opportunity to train with the LONGEST ESTABLISHED coach training company – shaping the coaching industry since 1993 !!! https://noble-manhattan.com

** Did You Know there is an Advanced Level of the Diploma as well?

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