Nov 29 – Skopje Coaching Masterclass with Supervision and Mentoring

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Nov 29 – Skopje Coaching Masterclass with Supervision and Mentoring

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10 Modules Coaching Masterclass Program with Coaching Supervision and Mentoring

Starting SKOPJE – November 29

This course consists of 10 months training.

Successful completion of the 10 masterclass modules in 12 months results in a Certificate in Applied Basic Coaching Skills.

Skopje, Macedonia – starting November 29th

Standard tuition fee for the 10 month certified coach training program is  —  2300 euro (+vat if applicable)

Pre-Launch Promotion:

The Before-Launch promotion allows you to register for the entire program for one third of the price – Time-Limited Opportunity:

– the sooner the better:

August 2018 Promotion – 660 Euros

September 2018 Promotion (1 till 30) – 770 Euros

October 2018 Promotion (1 till 31) – 880 Euros

November 2018 Promotion (1 till 22) – 990 Euros

– The fee is one-time payment which includes a set of all 10 masterclasses in 12 month period (1 per month)

IMPORTANT: Even if you cannot attend on November 29th, Register now and join us on the suitable for you Masterclass date. The one time fee guarantees you access to 10 Masterclass modules.

Once the program launches it will continue running monthly, but the current pre-launch promotion will never repeat – this is your only chance to register at only 1/3-rd of the total cost.

Why are we doing this? It’s simple – we want to have a full room when we start. So we are making it extremely difficult to say no 🙂 and we are putting the entry bar really low in order to give the program a start – and the smart, motivated and driven visionaries will recognize the awesome opportunity, make a decision and catch the wave while its there – and honestly, these are the type of people that we want in our coaching class. – Are you?

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The Supervised Coaching Masterclass, offered exclusively through Noble Manhattan Coaching, under the direction of founder Gerard O’Donovan, offers group supervision / coach co-training in a collaborative learning environment.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass group learning environment allows participants to develop executive master coaching and/or team master coaching skills at an individual pace.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass replicates the actual structure and process of real-life coaching for the purposes of individual benefit, efficient team work, goal achievement and problem solving. To ensure accurate representation of the true coaching relationship, classes are offered on a ten day cycle, once a month over a 365-day period.

This program’s comprehensive training, mentoring and learning process is advantageous both personally and professionally, taking into account all prospective executive and team coaching interpersonal boundaries as they occur within a team learning setting.

Find out the full description of the certified coach training course here:

All successful graduates of the program will be awarded a Certificate in Applied Coaching Skills by Noble Manhattan Coaching

The programs allows you easy and smooth transition when you are ready to upgrade to the Practitioner Coach Diploma, should you wish to deepen further your knowledge, skills and qualifications.

Additional information

September 2018 Promotion

770 Euros – Promotional price for set of 10 masterclasses in 12 months (1 per month)

October 2018 Promotion

880 Euros – Promotional price for set of 10 masterclasses in 12 months (1 per month)

November 2018 Promotion

990 Euros – Promotional price for set of 10 masterclasses in 12 months (1 per month)