What is included in The Alpha Group Membership?

The Alpha Group Membership provides small-medium-sized businesses with the valuable guidance and support needed to chart a sustainable course for growth. The Alpha Group guides members to focus on strategy and profits. Being a member leads to significant increases in business performance and individual effectiveness. The Alpha Group’s structured process leads to a substantial increase in the value of members’ businesses within two to three years.

Monthly meetings

An exciting and efficient way to learn from the experience of like-minded, ambitious peers.

The meetings are split into two parts:

  • Business strategy workshop

    Members are trained using high-impact FastGrowth (TM) workbooks in key areas of business. This forces concentration on specific parts of their company. Members will analyze, in-depth, the areas where their business is performing well or badly.

    These cover finance, creation of purposeful goals, sharpening your market focus, retaining customers.

  • Executive board

    Creative, hardworking, successful individuals have great ideas and plans, often too many! Most entrepreneurs get overwhelmed at some point, regardless of whether the business is just getting started or is more established. The Alpha Group promises to prioritize and develop members’ vision, leading to clarity and focus.

    Members get the opportunity to present a current business scenario/situation to their peers. The group will then give advice and feedback based on their experience. Members benefit from the experience of others. This process ensures that all options have been developed and critical mistakes are avoided early. Meetings are inspiring, helpful, uplifting, motivating, advising.

Confidential support

Group members are business executives from non-competing industries that have the knowledge and skills to help solve big business challenges. In a trusted and confidential setting, members grapple with the issues that can make or break a business. Members will share seasoned advice and expertise providing actionable suggestions and solutions that will empower the achievement of goals in business and personal life. Advice, ideas, and suggestions flow freely in this confidential environment.

The honest, unbiased feedback from board members who face similar problems and issues, helps to crystallize business vision and give confidence that decisions made are well researched and appropriate.

Board members often feel their board is the ONLY place they can discuss many of their business challenges.

A Personal Coach / Mentor (optional)

Members are not alone! Members can take advantage of a monthly one-to-one coaching/mentoring session with a highly experienced coach. Here, members celebrate successes, examine opportunities, or air concerns. The focus is on developing strategy and tactics together.

Over the past 10 years, The Alpha GOLD™ strategic process has been used to create many successful, profitable businesses. Members have become highly motivated, focused, and confident in achieving business and personal goals. See testimonials.