The Alpha GOLD Exclusive

The Alpha Groups are being created in 26 countries worldwide.

Under the guidance of The Alpha Group Director (TAGD) members will transform themselves, and their lives. Strategic decisions made by members during meetings, based on the guidance of colleagues, and facilitated by TAGD, will have measurable results.

TAGD will have to be truly motivational, and inspiring, leaders.

What does the position involve?

  • TAGD will have an exclusive area, town or part of a city, no other member of The Alpha Group will operate in your area.
  • TAGD set-up and run a board, The Alpha Group. With support, and help from Head-office, TAGDs recruit and develop the group to the optimum of 20 members.
  • TAGD are trained to manage invaluable business strategy workshops using our unique high impact FastGrowth(TM) workbooks designed to help in many areas that block business growth. These tend to run for the first hour.
  • TAGD are trained in various coaching methods. Members have the option of a 90 minutes monthly coaching session (The Alpha GOLD) with TAGD. The monthly one-on-one meetings will be held over the course of approximately two years to ensure dramatic improvements in members self-confidence, performance and business growth.

An application process, followed by a two-stage interview and a training period ensures that you have been chosen because of your qualities. Contact us to get started.