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Master the Fundamental Coaching Skills Which Every Coach Must Be Proficient In

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The Coaching Foundation Program provides you with the essential coaching theory, knowledge, and practice.

The Program is a great place to start your journey into the world of workplace coaching. This is a certified course IAPC&M Level 5, and can immediately improve work communication and management.


  • To give you basic information if you are new to coaching and are eager to start learning
  • To give you some tools should you wish to implement coaching in your workplace with colleagues to improve your supervisory, team, and management skills


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Who Is It For?

The Coaching Foundation Program has been designed to accommodate people who require a shorter coach training program that nevertheless delivers a robust level of content.

There is absolutely no compromise on quality and you will participate in both theoretical study and practical experience.

This Course is For You If You…

  • Are new to coaching and are eager to start learning
  • Wish to implement coaching into your workplace with colleagues or to improve your supervisory, team, or management skills
  • Prefer flexible learning
  • Want to have the option of being able to progress your studies at a later date
  • Desire training from the best company in the industry – see https://noble-manhattan.com

Length of Course and Tuition Fees:

The Coaching Foundation Program is between 125 to 170 hours, and takes between 4 to 6 months, depending on the speed with which you study and the training package you choose.

There are three options:

1) Classic Program, as described in the brochure;

2) Economy Option, which saves you even more time and finances;

3) Enhanced Package, with extra Coaching Masterclass days training, offering extensive supervision and mentoring, and advanced practical training in a group setting.

  • Option One: Economy Option 
    • 125  hours
    • entirely Scholastic distance e-learning
      • includes a textbook with the 5 modules on fundamental coaching skills, plus an MP3 selection of audio lectures, MP3 selection of demo coaching sessions (“good” & “bad”), and 10 hours of practice
    • tuition fee: 1500 (before vat)


  • Option Two: Classic Program
    • 150  hours
    • blended learning – includes:
      • the full Scholastic Curriculum from Option One above 
      • + 3 full-day coaching masterclasses with group supervision and mentoring, with a tutor (within 4 months period)
      • + 3 sessions with a private mentor-coach
    • tuition fee: 2250 (before vat)
      • Current Offer: 2250 1690 (before vat)


  • Option Three: Enhanced Package 
    • 170  hours
    • blended training – includes:
      • the full Scholastic Curriculum from Option One above
        • + 6 full-day coaching masterclasses with group supervision and mentoring, with a tutor (within 8 months period)
    • tuition: 3000 (before vat)
      • Current Offer: 3000 1690 (before vat)



Course Structure

Course Book

Which provides a great overview of coaching in the world today. This gives a basis of understanding that is then built upon during the workshop.

Three Mentor-Coach Sessionscoaching foundation

This involves working on a one-to-one basis with your Mentor coach with whom you will focus solely on further developing your coaching skills. You will be asked to coach the mentor on a typical issue and at the end of each session, the mentor will give you feedback on what you did well and where you can work on improving your skills, ready for the next session.

Three-Day Interactive Workshop

Conducted by accredited trainers and coaches where you will learn about coaching and engage in some coaching practice. Be ready to work hard as these days are intensive with evening exercises to complete! You will cover and practice the four pillars of coaching, develop your listening skills in coaching, learn the art of asking powerful coaching questions, become proficient in the TGROW model, master discovering the values of your clients, understand how to deliver coaching in organizations.

Ten Hours Coaching Practice

Taking the time to then apply everything you have been taught to real-life situations, is an important part of the learning process. As part of this development, you will be required to reflect upon these sessions as time for reflection allows you to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and plan a way forward.

Textbook with 5 Modules and Consodilation Exercises

The following modules are provided as comprehensive written workbooks so that you have them for ongoing reference.

  • the coaching conversation
  • listening skills in coaching
  • the ability to ask questions in coaching
  • the TGROW model
  • values

Audio Lectures

You will receive a set of MP3 on each of the above modules and topics, enhancing your learning. They are easily portable so you can even listen on the go, if needed.

Live Webinars 

In addition to all of this, you will participate in 2 live webinars each month, where you can additionally interact with your tutors and fellow students, receive live topical training, as well as coaching development support.

Certification and Accreditation

Students submit:

  • a critique,
  • a short essay,
  • reflective learning notes,
  • and a coaching-log as evidence of the work they have completed.

Following successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the Noble Manhattan Coaching (NMC) Coach Certificate (NMP Cert)

coaching foundation


  • Upgrade seamlessly from Coaching Foundation on to the Practitioner Coach Diploma to become a fully qualified accredited Life, Executive and Team Coach.