The Coaching Masterclass Experience

A Unique Approach to Coaching Education

Noble Manhattan’s masterclasses offer a distinct and innovative approach to coaching education. While traditional coaching programs often blend theory, practice, and observation to develop well-rounded coaches with specific niches, masterclasses take a different route by focusing on “applied coaching.”

Experiential Learning Emphasized

The Noble Manhattan approach immerses participants in experiential coaching, prioritizing learning through action and observation.

Flexible Format for Diverse Schedules

The format is flexible, accommodating various schedules. Participants can choose from full-day sessions, half-day sessions, or multiple sessions in different languages.

Unveiling the Essence of the Masterclass

Accelerating Coaching Skills and Knowledge

The central aim of masterclasses is to rapidly enhance coaching skills, knowledge, and capabilities. These classes cater to individuals across the coaching spectrum – whether seasoned professionals or newcomers – fostering growth.

Beyond Aspiring Coaches

Masterclasses aren’t solely for aspiring coaches. Attendees from managerial roles seek immediate techniques applicable to their professional lives.

Practical Application Sets Masterclasses Apart

Masterclasses stand out due to their strong emphasis on practical application, distinguishing them from conventional coaching programs.

Understanding the Mechanics of a Masterclass

The “Applied Coaching Model” Framework

The masterclass format revolves around the “Applied Coaching Model,” a unique structure encompassing five key stages: topic establishment, goal setting, reality exploration, option identification, and path determination.

Empowerment through Interactive Exercises

Participants engage in interactive exercises that assess life satisfaction across various domains, helping identify areas for improvement and setting clear coaching goals

From Theory to Practice: A Live Coaching Scenario

To provide an immersive experience of the coaching process, the class seamlessly integrates live coaching scenarios and demonstrations. 

This hands-on demonstration vividly portrays coaching intricacies and spotlights the power of adept questioning, engaged listening, and collaborative exploration.

Live sessions underscore the paramountcy of establishing precise goals, delving into the client’s reality, generating potential solutions, and committing to actionable steps.

They also educate participants on delivering and receiving constructive feedback and expressing appreciation.

As keen observers, the audience gains priceless insights into effective coaching techniques and the dynamic interplay between coach and client.

Learning through Observation

The demonstration underscores the significance of learning from distinct coaching roles: the coach, the client, and the observer.

By embodying these roles, individuals attain a holistic grasp of coaching dynamics, techniques, and their ramifications.

Observers glean insights into effective questioning, goal-setting, and nurturing trust within a coaching relationship.

Reflection and Practical Application

After each coaching session, participants engage in reflective discussions, exchanging their observations, insights, and key takeaways.

The masterclass group exercises serve as a poignant reminder that coaching is a shared journey, where both coach and client contribute to personal evolution and transformation.

Reasons Why You Should Join the Monthly Coaching Masterclass in Applied Coaching Competencies

The Noble Manhattan Coaching Masterclasses offer a dynamic and experiential path to personal and professional advancement.

Through applied coaching, participants don’t solely absorb theory; they dive into coaching’s practical facets.

Noble Manhattan’s masterclasses provide a platform for individuals from various backgrounds to explore coaching techniques, refine communication skills, and ultimately empower themselves and others for success.

Whether a seasoned coach or a newcomer, masterclasses present a priceless avenue to broaden horizons and make meaningful strides toward coaching mastery.



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IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Monthly Coaching Masterclass with Supervision and Mentoring is Now Online!

Join the Online Coaching Masterclass with Supervision and Mentoring, which maintains the same schedule:

  • We hold it every 4th Saturday of the month.

The exciting news? This change opens doors to participants from all countries!

No matter where you reside, attend from your city, town, or country. The sessions take place on our ZOOM platform.

Coaching thrives in uncertain times. Why? Because during uncertainty, individuals and businesses seek guidance. They need to navigate change and find their best path forward. Solid coaching is in demand more than ever.

Noble Manhattan Europe-CE is your partner in training and supporting you for this crucial role.


  • Study Comfortably: Experience a full-day coach training from home. Zoom breakout rooms simulate small group settings for practicing coaching skills under expert supervision. Engage in discussions on ethical challenges with coaches worldwide.
  • Work Globally: As a coach, clients can be anywhere. Work safely from home as more people seek services online. Ride the wave of the booming online coaching business.
  • Join Our Noble Manhattan Coaching Family:
    • Gain access to weekly webinars, postgraduate support, and continuous professional development, all free of charge.

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Empowering Coaching Professionals with Comprehensive Supervision and Mentoring Programs

  • Exclusively offered by Noble Manhattan Coaching, the Online Coaching Masterclass Program facilitates collaborative group supervision, mentoring, and co-training for experts in personal, executive, and team coaching.
  • A trail-blazing initiative in Europe, it stands as the First and Only Online Coaching Masterclass Program of its kind!
  • Within the Supervised Coaching Masterclass group setting, participants tailor their executive and team coaching skills at their preferred pace.
  • This program mirrors real-life coaching, fostering individual growth, effective teamwork, goal attainment, and problem-solving. Classes follow a ten-day cycle, once a month over a year, accurately replicating the coaching relationship.
  • This comprehensive program enhances personal and professional growth, addressing executive and team coaching dynamics within a team learning context.
coaching masterclass PROGRAM

The Supervised Coaching Online Masterclass enhances coaching practitioner expertise across three key areas:

  1. Individualized Personal Coaching: Gain a deeper grasp of one-to-one coaching dynamics and skills.
  2. Comprehensive Executive Coaching: Develop core competencies by embracing professionalism, creativity, and coaching fulfillment.
  3. Business Growth and Innovation: Acquire insights to bolster sales, marketing, product creation, and innovative success strategies. Cultivate a sharper “business sense”, navigate modern networking systems, and foster collaboration with peers. This prepares you to excel in writing, publishing, and more.

Noble Manhattan Coaching: Nurturing Mastery through The Supervised Coaching Masterclass

Established Excellence

Noble Manhattan Coaching expertly administers The Supervised Coaching Masterclass, continuing a legacy since 1993. This esteemed UK coaching organization excels in a wide spectrum of coaching disciplines, including life coach training, corporate coach training, career development, life coaching, self-motivation, and comprehensive life coaching courses.

Global Hub of Expertise

Operating from the charming coastal town of Weymouth on the southern coast of the UK, Noble Manhattan Coaching serves as a hub for its global administrative activities. Its influence extends far and wide, embracing an expansive and diverse faculty across an impressive 32 countries. This extensive reach envelops Europe, America, Asia, Australasia, and Africa.

Adaptive Learning: Navigating The Supervised Coaching Masterclass Online Program

Evolving Coaching Process

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass Online Program is carefully designed to follow the fluid evolution of the comprehensive executive coaching process and the ever-changing needs of its supervision and mentoring groups.

Group Dynamics within a 10-Day Cycle

Within this context, the groups fostered by the Supervised Coaching Masterclass are coined as ‘semi-open.’ This designation signifies that participants commit to a structured ten-day cycle while having the option to extend their engagement through additional five-day supplemental training periods as they see fit. Throughout the span of a year, this ten-day cycle equates to one training day per month, with the schedule readily accessible beforehand.

Optimal Class Size and Collaborative Framework

To cultivate an impactful learning environment, the Supervised Coaching Masterclass intentionally maintains a class size of approximately fifteen participants. In this setting, members collaboratively sculpt the group’s operational dynamics and establish foundational principles that guide their interactions.

The central focus remains on perpetual professional development, aimed at mastering core competencies in personal, executive, and team coaching.

Dynamic Principles and Evolving Guidelines

As the group matures and new aspirations unfold, the governing principles and rules may organically shift. This evolution can stem from diverse sources, including the group’s organic growth, the pursuit of pioneering objectives, the introduction of fresh members, and the exploration of innovative work models.

Collective Management and Guided Facilitation

Each member actively contributes to the collective management of mentoring and supervision sessions, all orchestrated under the guidance of seasoned group leaders.

These leaders assist in tasks such as session logistics, addressing supervision-related queries, and nurturing open dialogues.

Members harmoniously collaborate to resolve challenges, exchange insights for future strides, and co-manage both daily and overarching group processes.

Expert Guidance for Enhanced Interactions

Furthermore, adept group leaders actively moderate and/or provide collaborative coaching to amplify the effectiveness of the group’s interactions.

Their seasoned expertise guarantees a dynamic and supportive learning environment throughout the journey.

Guiding Principles for The Supervised Coaching Masterclass

The operational foundations of The Supervised Coaching Masterclass are rooted in fostering a collaborative and synergistic learning environment. This environment is built upon deep analysis and seamless integration.

Systematic Integration for Comprehensive Learning

A structured and systematic approach enables the harmonized assimilation of group efforts across various tiers. This approach leads to the development of potent diagnostic and developmental tools, which are capable of achieving several outcomes:

  1. Tackling Real-Life Coaching Challenges: Participants can address and navigate genuine executive or team coaching challenges they present, finding viable solutions collectively.
  2. Strategic Recommendations for Future Practice: Tactical strategies are proposed for participants’ forthcoming coaching endeavors, enhancing their future practice.
  3. Illuminating Present and Future Choices: The process offers insights that illuminate current choices by helping participants unravel complexities within real-life executive or team coaching scenarios.
  4. Metaphorical Learning Team: This collaborative setting resembles a “learning team” where peers bond, offering an insider’s view into the functioning of The Supervised Coaching Masterclass. This fosters not only insight but also ensures the ongoing evolution of the course.
  5. Guiding Supervisor Recommendations: The tools extend to supervisory contexts, supporting guidance in supervision, mentoring, training, and modeling. This proactive approach seeks innovative avenues for shaping the future landscape of the coaching profession, particularly within executive and team coaching best practices.

The Evolving Learning Community of the Supervised Coaching Masterclass Online Group

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass online group has been thoughtfully designed to embody a coherent and progressive learning entity.

In essence, it creates an environment akin to team coaching, fostering exploration, modeling, and personal growth through an all-encompassing collaborative journey that matures and transforms over time.

Within this team coaching setting, participants benefit from:

  1. Diverse Insights and Techniques:
    1. The platform provides a space for the study, instruction, and accumulation of diverse approaches and techniques.
    2. This dynamic process yields innovative executive and team coaching best practices.
  2. Ample Growth Opportunities:
    1. Abundant avenues are offered for executive and team coaching supervision, mentoring, and training.
    2. These opportunities are designed to ensure each participant’s continual professional growth and flourishing.
online coaching masterclass

Fusion of Learning: The Comprehensive Supervised Coaching Masterclass

Drawing from these specialized domains of study, the all-encompassing Supervised Coaching Masterclass dynamically fuses learning, meticulously guiding each individual towards enhancing their mastery of coaching skills.

Through intentional practice, continuous repetition, and insightful modeling, coaches nurture essential practical and operational proficiencies. They immerse themselves in this learning experience within a collaborative peer environment, fostering a spirit of cooperation.

Within this transformative journey, participants willingly push their boundaries, challenging conventional beliefs, and reaping the rewards of personal development and inspiration. Embracing diverse perspectives and unique viewpoints from peers cultivates a profound comprehension of individual diversity.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass embodies a versatile approach to coaching, seamlessly integrating multiple applications. It steadfastly avoids confining individuals or groups to rigid theoretical or conceptual frameworks.

For those aspiring to further training, Noble Manhattan offers an exceptional array of courses, including Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and more:

  • Practitioner Coach Certificate
  • Practitioner Coach Diploma – Life & Executive Coaching
  • Executive and Corporate Coach Certificate
  • Executive and Corporate Coach Diploma
  • NLP Practitioner

If you’ve yet to acquire foundational coach training but perhaps hold managerial roles, this course remains an invaluable arena for skill refinement. It provides a secure environment for cultivating a plethora of skills, tools, and techniques to elevate an existing skill set



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The Supervised Coaching Masterclass aims to achieve these goals:

  1. Maintain Strict Confidentiality: We ensure that each participant’s work and any mention of past or present clients remain confidential.
  2. Adhere to Ethical Standards: The Coaching Masterclass strictly follows the coaching professions’ code of ethics outlined by the International Institute of Coaching and the International Coaching Federation in all aspects of comprehensive supervision, training, and mentoring.

Every day, a dedicated section will engage participants in discussing weighty ethical or moral coaching matters. We will actively delve into challenging topics, including:

  1. Coaching Alongside Therapy: Is coaching appropriate alongside therapy?
  2. Addressing Trauma: How to coach someone who has experienced sexual abuse.
  3. Coaching Children: Approaches to coaching children.
  4. Handling Clinical Depression: Coaching methods for individuals with clinical depression.

By doing so, delegates in this Masterclass will enhance their professionalism and coaching prowess.

Every participant engaged in personal, team, or executive coaching or consulting takes charge of their individual learning process, which includes:

  1. Directing Learning: Controlling the focus, pace, and content of individual work.
  2. Providing Scenarios: Recommending real-life coaching scenarios suitable for group supervision and mentoring.
  3. Drawing Conclusions: Grasping individual insights following supervision and mentoring sequences.
  4. Applying Systematic Approach: Applying the program’s systematic approach, suitable for comprehensive coaching practice.
  5. Exploring Opportunities: Uncovering abundant options for developing individual coaching practice in executive and team coaching scenarios.

We invite each participant to fully engage with their insights and communication, aiming to comprehensively express their training needs and professional choices. Additionally, we encourage active participation in the program’s comprehensive ‘co-management’ process for superior performance. This involves respecting member responsibilities, in line with operating principles recommended by a group mentor and/or supervisor, and validated by every participating team member.

NOTE: The Supervised Coaching Masterclass is not a therapeutic program. Participants are strongly encouraged to seek the appropriate environment to access psychological and/or personal support.

The Masterclasses take place on the same day every month unless stated otherwise.

The founding members of the first group in each city set this day.

Accredited Senior or Master Coaches facilitate these sessions.

Schedule of Online Coaching Masterclasses:

  • always the 4th Saturday of each month (not the last, but the fourth !)
  • always at 8:30 UK time – until 15:30 UK time (please, calculate the times according to your time zone)
  • always the same registration link

The Online Supervised Coaching Masterclass in English and in Bulgarian is facilitated by

Katrin Prentice, Accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M), MIoL, DipNMC

Katrin is the Managing Director for the Coach Training Division of Noble Manhattan Coaching in the Balkans Region. She is among the first accredited Master Coaches in Eastern Europe, and an experienced life, executive coach with 3000+ hours with individual clients.

She is a senior faculty member in Noble Manhattan, coach mentor, and trainer, course co-creator and webinar lecturer, and final assessor.

Together with her partner Brian Prentice, their company has contributed greatly to the development of the coaching industry in Eastern Europe.

As Master Distributor for Noble Manhattan Coaching their company Palitri International Ltd has trained hundreds of coaches and mentors in the Balkans region, many of them leading names in the business and coaching community.

Hear what some of the students who have trained on the Noble Manhattan Courses have to say – visit our youtube channel here