Train as a Life and Executive Coach with Noble Manhattan

Save 1485 euros OFF the tuition for the Advanced Diploma Program as you enroll

before July 27th:

4015 (5500) euro+vat

If you are new to coaching, this course is the ideal vehicle to achieve your coaching aspirations.

You will engage in the development of fundamental knowledge together with the practical application and demonstration of essential coaching skills.

Whatever your ultimate goal, the solid knowledge and skills acquired through the Practitioner course are vital to any form or arena of coaching.

The course combines distance and face-to-face learning:

1) Distance Learning

2) Intensive Coaching Experience Weekend

NOTE: For greater flexibility and convenience for our global community of students, the Coaching Experience part of the Diploma course is delivered either as a 3-Day Online Coaching Experience or as a 3-day Residential Coaching Experience.

3) The Advanced Option of the Coaching Diploma includes an additional 70 synchronous hours of practical training in Applied Coaching Competencies

💼 The Noble Manhattan Advanced Diploma course embodies the building blocks of both Level 1 and Level 2 Accredited Coach Training Programs, plus 125 synchronous hours in direct contact with a tutor (both online and in-person).

The course delivers All Levels of Coach Training in One seamless singular journey to your advanced coaching excellence, professional capacity and confidence as a coach, and worldwide recognition. Noble Manhattan also supports you for FREE and forever after you graduate, so you never walk the coaching path alone, and you always have the unprecedented postgraduate support of the Leading Worldwide Coaching Company.

Welcome and Introduction

by Gerard O’Donovan, CEO and Founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching ltd

** The Classic Diploma Program takes about 360 hours, depending on your speed of learning, and how fast you work will depend on how long it will take to complete. What we usually find is that if someone is doing 10-12 hours per week they can expect to get the course done in 9-12 months.

The course is designed to be fully flexible and is designed to fit around a full-time job or family. You can work through the course a lot quicker if you want to but you can’t really expect to get the course done in less than 6 months. The course is designed to be fully flexible and fit your lifestyle so you can start the course anytime you wish. We also offer our students a number of comfortable payment plans to make it as easy as possible for each student.

** The Advanced Diploma Program provides you with 430 hours. It includes all of the Classic program, plus a cycle of 10 monthly Masterclass Modules. They are taken in parallel with your training, thus do not add to the number of months it takes to complete the program. The Masterclasses provide you with 7 extra hours per month (one Saturday a month) for enhanced practical training in applied coaching competencies, where you work in a group, under the tutelage of a master coach, and receive real-time feedback, mentoring, supervision, and instruction.

Save 1485 euros OFF the tuition for the Advanced Diploma Program as you enroll

before July 27th:

4015 (5500) euro+vat

Who is Noble Manhattan Coaching?

Noble Manhattan Coaching is the longest-established company that trains Life Coaches and Executive Coaches in the world (first registered in 1993).

The company is a well-established leader in the field of personal development. We are open in 32 countries and have trained over 25,000 coaches around the world, on 4 continents.

We are delighted to announce that since May 2011, we have had a registered Regional office for the Balkans Region. For over a decade now we have trained magnificent coaches all around Greece, Croatia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and all around Europe. The coaches we have trained in fact span the globe from Thailand and India, to Germany, France, Switzerland and England, to Mexico and the United States.

When you train with Noble Manhattan you join a global family of magnificent coaches.



The Advanced Practitioner Coach Diploma program is fully recognized, accredited/endorsed  by multiple independent international coaching authorities:

The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) – IAPC&M Level 7

The Institute of Leadership

  • IRCM – the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring


The Noble Manhattan Diploma course delivers a premium coach training experience, of 400+ hours of blended learning, which encompasses the elements of both Level 1 and Level 2 Accredited Coach Training Programs, as a complete singular journey to your coaching mastery.

IAPC&M Level 7

Membership in the Institute of Leadership  

Upon graduating with the Practitioner Coach Diploma with Noble Manhattan, you are automatically granted the very prestigious

Membership in the Institute of Leadership.
One program – two qualifications, no additional work.

The IoL membership also allows you to officially add the initials MIoL after your name, which elevates your professional status as a business or corporate leader. And also gives you access to all of the excellent resources of the Institute of Leadership.


Distance Learning

We send out, by courier all the course materials that you’ll need for the course.

This consists of:

• A Student Portfolio – a folder that contains all of the modules and coursework that you’ll need to work through

• A course handbook – This will guide you through the whole course and give you information on how to log your coaching work

A coursebook called Co-Active Coaching.

Book and Book Critique

The first part of the written work is to read the Co-Active Coaching book and write a book critique. The book critique is just your thoughts down on a couple of sheets of A4 and there are no real right or wrong answers it’s just your understanding of the book. You don’t even have to like the book. We understand that a lot of our students haven’t been in a school environment for some time so we don’t mind punctuation, spelling, etc., etc.

Mentor coach

Once the critique has been received back into the office for marking and once you have started working through about a third of the modules and a 1/3 of the teleclasses we will then allocate you a mentor coach. This is a senior or master-level coach. You will have seven (6+1) sessions with your mentor coach which can be taken at any time. Each session is 60 minutes long. The mentor sessions are done over Zoom or Skype. It is a bit like a role-play exercise where you coach the mentor coach (they act as the client) and at the end of each session, they’ll give you personalized tailored feedback, tips, and suggestions to hone and advance your personal coaching skills and style. The mentor coach is like your driving instructor on the practical side.

Study modules

There are 10+2 learning modules in total and they are dedicated to the following topics:

Part 1 The Fundamental Coaching Skills

1          Conversation

2          The skill of listening

3          The ability to ask questions

4          The ‘TGROW’ model

5          Building a rapport

Part 2 – Beyond the Fundamentals: The Fine Art of Coaching

6          Beliefs

7          Values

8          Raising Self-Esteem

9          Goal Achieving

10        Ethics in Coaching

11        Coaching Case Studies from Real Life Part 1

12        Coaching Case Studies from Real Life Part 2

With each training module, you will also receive audio lectures to listen to.

Learn more about the modules in the brochure here:

Audio Lectures / Webinars

There are 14 audio topics to be listened to. The audio-training and the webinars tie in with the modules you are working through in your course material and could be on beliefs, ethics, questioning skills, listening skills, etc.

You will find a rich library of over 200 hours of recorded audio training and webinars which our students have free access to at all times – available for you to listen to and study. This library is continually being enlarged and updated, by adding new audio lectures to it every month.

Practitioner Coach Diploma webinars

Live Monthly Webinars

They are an excellent opportunity to speak with the Senior and Master Coaches who lead them and ask questions. The best part is that you will continue having access to this wealth of training and information not only during training but also after you graduate – as part of the CPD support we provide for FREE to all our students with many of our courses.

During the webinars, there will be other students online and a chance for a question and answer session at the end. If you cannot make the live call, don’t worry because all of the calls are recorded and archived, so there are hundreds of calls that you can access at any time you wish through our online member’s area.

Practical coaching

There are 60 hours of practical coaching to be done. This can be done with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc, if you wish to, it’s entirely up to you, as long as people know that you’re not a qualified coach and it’s all done free of charge. We’ll also put you in touch with study buddies. These are other students who are on the course. You can also find your own by using our e-group which is a special email system for all our students and coaches. With study buddies, you can do reciprocal coaching where you’d coach them for an hour or so and they’d coach you back for an hour, just to build up your hours of coaching. Again, this can be done on Skype.

Written Work

There are 3 reflective essays to be done and 1 final written assignment.

Exam / Final Assessment of Coaching Skills

And when your mentor coach thinks you’re ready for it they’ll put you forward for a final practical skills assessment. This works the same way as a mentor session but instead of giving you feedback at the end, you will be assessed on your performance.

Part 2 – Three-Day Immersive Coaching Experience Weekend

The Immersive Coaching Experience is a special part of the Practitioner Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching.

It is the in-person part of the training. It is also delivered online.
Although you can attend the training as many times as you wish, it is required once during your training, the earlier the better. And it’s Everyone’s Favourite part of the course.

The Immersive weekend pulls together students from all around the world in a fantastic three-day coaching experience, usually held over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The format in which the coach training experience is delivered is either Online or Residential, at the discretion of the region hosting it, and taking into account the variety of circumstances of our students.

Your tuition fee for the diploma covers the training program, your student support, mentoring, postgraduate support, textbooks and workbooks, and trainer fees. However we give you the opportunity to attend this immersive training experience as many times as you wish, and you never have to pay for the training again, you may always attend it for free. If your first-time Immersive weekend is residential, the company even pays for the accommodation and meals during the training for, as extra care towards you. We make sure you are fully looked after from the moment you arrive and we do this for a reason: We don’t want people to worry about little things like the extra costs of a sandwich or a cup of coffee. This way, whether you enjoy the Immersive Experience from the comfort of your home or at a special residential venue, you will always be relaxed to focus fully on receiving this vital part of your coach training.

We limit numbers on our residential course to about 25-30 students to about 6-8 trainers and staff. We limit numbers so people get the full benefits of the weekend.

The first day is taken by a Noble Manhattan Accredited Master Coach, some of our trainers are even Felow Coaches. The day is very fast-paced and upbeat. You will be learning various coaching techniques and practices and in the afternoon you will go off in groups or breakout rooms of twos and threes to practice these techniques.

The second day is taken by a Master Practitioner in N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer. The second day is a lot deeper and slower-paced and the trainer goes into teaching about overcoming limiting beliefs, timelines, eye-accessing techniques, etc.

The third day is taken by one of our experienced Accredited Master Coaches, and again it is much faster-paced with a lot of group exercises, demo sessions, and dynamic activities. Your trainer will drill you to become experts in coaching to raise self-esteem, set a vision, identifies core values, and goal setting for goal achievement. You’ll learn a lot more coaching techniques, you will put all that you have learned over the previous days, and start to genuinely develop yourself as a coach.

We know you will really enjoy the immersive coaching experience. And at the end of the weekend, you will find everyone exchanging telephone numbers and looking for ways to keep in contact with people they got on well with, as they can work with them for the rest of the course.

The Immersive Coaching Experience can be taken at anytime during the course. However we do strongly advise that you make sure to have read the required book and written the book critique, completed a 1/3 of the modules and listened to 4 webinar modules. We ask you to do this because if you haven’t read the book and learned some of the techniques then the first half a day would be quite unclear.

We run the immersive weekend every few months, organized by the regional offices in different locations around the world.

NOTE: Currently the Coaching Experience Weekend is delivered ONLINE!

See also the Coaching Masterclass Program – an integral part of the ADVANCED Package of the Practitioner Coach Diploma Course

Come and Taste One Day of Training with Noble Manhattan Coaching

Always the 4th Saturday of the Month

practitioner coach diploma masterclasses

Coaching Masterclass Program

Lifetime Coaching Support& Services

Coaching Support:

Many agree that the thing that makes Noble Manhattan stand out from other companies is the support we offer not only while you are on the course but for life. We are still in touch with most of our coaches today and work with them closely.

Here is some example of a few things we do to support you:

Continuous Professional Development – Every month we have 5 live webinars that our students can attend for FREE. 3 are in English and 2 in local Languages (where available), hosted by Senior or Master Coaches on topics related to our Life & Executive courses, Executive & Corporate courses, and General live Questions and Answers for our students.

Coaching Support Groups – We run these on a monthly basis all over the UK, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States of America and we continue developing more areas. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people in your local area, discuss the course/coaching, listen to speakers, and have a great social event.

If there is not one in your city, would you like to run one?

Online Members Area – designed for all NM students, Coaches, and Associates to provide as much backup, help, care, and support as you need. You will have access to hundreds of hours of downloadable teleclasses/webinars, past essays, helpful hints, details of support coaches, and access to an online community so you can join study groups and talk with students/coaches worldwide.

International Coaching News – The largest online coaching magazine on the planet

International Coaching Radio – Internet-based radio platform where students can have their own 1 hr show as often as they like on anything they like.

Coach Finder – A worldwide platform that helps promote coaches across the world.

E-Books for Coaches – We have our own publishing house that will publish and promote any white paper for our students.

The Coaching Blog – an online blog that is listed as #25 out of 40 million coaching blogs in the world on the topics of coaching and personal development. Our students may submit articles and be posted on the blog to promote them.

Boardroom Coaching – The opportunity to participate in actual paid coaching contracts. We have companies that get in touch with us, asking for coaches so you can apply for these contracts like applying for a normal job.

Business Development – We can advise you on how to market yourself (niche marketing) and how to get your business started and the IT department can also design you a website at a very reasonable price.