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Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate

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Receive 280 accredited hours of specific coach training, which brings you the essence of the Diploma Course and supplements it with extensive practical coaching masterclass group training.

Enjoy unprecedented continuous post-graduate professional development, to provide the best happy medium of a high-quality coach training course, which is both time and cost-effective.

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See the full description of the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate program HERE.

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This Advanced Coaching Certificate training course is the perfect middle ground, which combines extra hours of practical group coaching classes with the essence of the academic theoretical knowledge, extracted from the Practitioner Coach Diploma course – see:


This is It !!!
The best cost-saving and time-efficient coach training program – it really cannot get any better than this.

See the full description of the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate program HERE.


The Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate package includes:

  • Textbook – 355 pages with all study modules on the topics, including the additional exercises you need to do
  • Handbook – This guide will guide you through your training, and give you information on how to document your work, the necessary forms, tables, and instructions.
  • Set of MP3s with recorded audio lectures – 8 discs covering the 5 modules you will work on
  • Set of MP3s with recorded real coaching sessions – 8 discs with sample coaching sessions, giving an idea of ​​how the sessions should be conducted
  • A book you must read
  • Study Notebook accompanying the Master Coaching Classes
  • 60 hours of coach practice
  • 36 hours of LIVE webinars
  • On-Going Post-Graduate Support and care
  • 70 hours of group coaching supervision and mentoring (see masterclass details below)
  • Online Student Resource Platform

Audio Topics include:

  • The Skillful Coaching Conversation
  • The four pillars of coaching (audio only)
  • Listening Skills – the audio lecture is in two parts
  • The Skill of Asking Powerful Questions – the audio lecture is in two parts
  • the TGROW (coaching model)
  • Values ​​and value system
  • 10 practical coaching masterclasses (once per month)

    • group supervision
    • group mentoring
    • coaching exercises in small groups
  • Each masterclass is a full day training experience (7 hours) – total of 70 hours
    • Always the fourth Saturday of each month
      • available in English, Bulgarian and Arabic.
  • Currently, the international edition of the program is ONLINE
  • The schedule – by dates – is HERE.
You will immerse yourself in a multi-national environment of professionals from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Pakistan, Turkey, South Africa, France, and Switzerland, and others.

See what our students say about their experience:

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