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IMPORTANT: The regular monthly Coaching Masterclass with Supervision and Mentoring is now ONLINE !!!

ONLINE Coaching Masterclass With Supervision and Mentoring 

the schedule remains:

And the benefit of this change is that now it is open to all countries.

– You can attend online in whichever city, town, or country you live in. 

Coaching thrives in troubled times.

Why? Because in times of uncertainty businesses and people need more than ever to make sense of what’s happening, how to navigate the troubled seas, how to cope with change, and find the best way forward.

In times of difficulties, people and businesses need more than ever good and well-trained coaches.

And we want to help as many to be well prepared to deliver the highest possible service and value to those they will minister to as their clients.

The world needs YOU to be a life coach.
And we at Noble Manhattan Europe-CE​ are here for you to train and support you in every way to achieve this.

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– Study from home – you can attend a full-day experiential coach training from the comfort of your home. Zoom breakout rooms allow simulating of the experience of working in small groups, and practicing your coaching skills – still under the supervision of an experienced master coach. You participate in the discussions of the ethical challenges in the world of coaching and be enriched by the views and experiences of fellow coaches from around the globe

– Work at Home – as a coach you can have clients anywhere in the world. You can enjoy working from the safety of your home, while your income will keep growing as more and more people switch to seeking services online. You are positioned at the beginning of a surge in the coaching industry. Train now and be ready to ride the wave of the online coaching business.

– Be part of the Noble Manhattan Family – You will be privy to all weekly webinars & training, as well as postgraduate support and continuous professional development which our inner circle of coaches enjoys free of charge forever.

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The Online Coaching Masterclass Program, offered exclusively through Noble Manhattan Coaching, offers group supervision and mentoring and coach co-training in a collaborative learning environment.

This is the First and Only Online Coaching Masterclass Program of its kind in Europe!

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass group learning environment allows participants to develop executive master coaching and/or team master coaching skills at an individual pace.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass replicates the actual structure and process of real-life coaching for the purposes of individual benefit, efficient team work, goal achievement and problem solving. To ensure accurate representation of the true coaching relationship, classes are offered on a ten day cycle, once a month over a 365-day period.

This program’s comprehensive training, mentoring and learning process is advantageous both personally and professionally, taking into account all prospective executive and team coaching interpersonal boundaries as they occur within a team learning setting.

coaching masterclass PROGRAM

The Supervised Coaching Online Masterclass develops coaching practitioner expertise in three main areas:

  • Increased understanding and competencies in individual one-to-one personal coaching
  • Core competencies in comprehensive executive coaching, based upon professionalism, creativity and coaching satisfaction
  • A deeper understanding of what is needed to enhance sales and marketing, create products, access the most innovative success strategies, develop a keener “business sense”, immerse in today’s networking systems and collaborate with colleagues in an effort to write, get published, etc.

Noble Manhattan Coaching administers and manages The Supervised Coaching Masterclass. Noble Manhattan Coaching is a highly respected UK coaching organization, founded in 1993, offering life coach training, corporate coach training, career development, life coaching, self motivation, and life coaching courses.

Noble Manhattan Coaching has its international administration center in Weymouth, on the south coast of the UK, and currently trades via a comprehensive and extensive faculty spanning 32 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass Online Program is purposely designed to evolve in accordance with the pro­cess of comprehensive executive coaching and the needs of its supervision and mentoring groups.

Groups established by the Supervised Coaching Masterclass are classed as ‘semi-open’, meaning:

  • Participants commit to a ten-day cycle, and can commit further to five-day supple mental training periods as often as desired. The ten-day cycle incorporates one day each month over 365 days. The training calendar is published in advance.
  • The Supervised Coaching Masterclass limits class size to approximately fifteen participants.
  • Members collaborate to define how the group operates, and to determine the rules by which group processes operate. Daily organization centers on ongoing, evolving professional development to achieve core competencies in personal, executive and team coaching.

Operating principles and rules may change and evolve over time, as modified by:

  • The maturity of the group
  • The emergence of innovative objectives
  • The inclusion of new members
  • The characterization of emerging work models
  • Other imperatives germane to coach training

All members voluntarily and collectively share responsibility for management of the mentoring and supervision sessions, facilitated by experienced group leaders. These may include:

  • Determining the work location Highlighting issues related to supervision
  • Defining and solving these issues while openly and enthusiastically sharing opinions and outlooks for future expansion and enhancement
  • Judiciously co-managing group processes for the day and overall Moderating and/or coaching cooperatively to enhance the group’s processes.

Operating principles of The Supervised Coaching Masterclass are based on a mutual synergistic environment of group learning that includes deep analysis and integration. A systematic approach allows the synchronized assimilation of group work on various levels, creating effective diagnostic and developmental tools that can:

  1. Address and help to solve real-life executive or team coaching problems proposed by participants,
  2. Recommend tactical options to be applied in the participant’s future practice,
  3. Convey future options for today, helping the participant clarify the problem outlined in the executive or team coaching real-life scenario,
  4. Serve as a metaphor of a “learning team” within peer relationships, allowing insights into the operating process of The Supervised Coaching Masterclass and guaranteeing future evolution of the course,
  5. Be applied to the group supervisor’s recommendations for supervision, mentoring, training and modeling while searching for innovative options for the future of the coaching profession executive and team coaching best practices

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass online group has been developed to serve as a lucid teaching ‘whole’ which evolves over time.

In other words, a team coaching environment wherein exploration, modeling and personal development can be achieved via a comprehensive collective process that continues to grow and change.

This team coaching environment allows for:

  • The examination, education and wisdom of varied approaches and techniques to arrive at innovative executive and team coaching best practices
  • Abundant prospects for executive and team coaching supervision, mentoring and training, to ensure each participant grows and flourishes professionally.
online coaching masterclass

Based upon these areas of study, the comprehensive Supervised Coaching Masterclass serves as a “network of knowledge”, carefully mentoring each individual to expand his or her coaching skills.

Through practice, repetition and modeling, coaches learn the necessary practical and operational skills, amid a cooperative peer environment.

Participants enjoy challenging themselves, questioning accepted beliefs and benefiting from per­sonal development and stimulation, as they confront each others differences and gain a greater understanding of individual diversity.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass applies multiple applications to the strategic practice of coaching, refusing to limit individuals or groups to the use of any specific theoretical or conceptual field. If one wishes to gain additional training, Noble Manhattan offers an excellent range of courses in Coaching ,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more, including:-

Practitioner Coach Certificate
Practitioner Coach Diploma – Life & Executive Coaching
Executive and Corporate Coach Certificate
Executive and Corporate Coach Diploma
NLP Practitioner.

For those who have not yet acquired foundational coach training but are perhaps involved in managing others this course still represents a safe environment in which one can develop a wealth of skills, tools and techniques to enhance ones existing skill set.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass aims to meet these goals:

  • Each participant’s work and any reference to past or present clients will remain in strict confidence.
  • The Coaching Masterclass, within its comprehensive supervision, training and mentoring strictly follows the code of ethics for coaching professions as outlined by the International Institute of Coaching and the International Coaching Federation

At some point during each day there will be a section devoted to discussing a weighty ethical or moral issue related to coaching. We will immerse ourselves fully in difficult subjects such as:

  • Should someone be coached if they are also receiving therapy?
  • How do you coach someone who has been sexually abused?
  • Do you coach children, if so how?
  • How would you coach someone suffering from clinical depression, and should you?

Thereby enabling the delegates of this Masterclass to become better and more professional coach­es.

Each participant involved in personal, team or executive coaching or consulting is responsible for the individual process of learning, including:

  • The concentration, pace and content of individual work
  • Recommending real-life coaching scenarios suitable to group supervision and mentoring
  • Grasping individual conclusions following supervision and mentoring sequences
  • Application of the program’s systematic approach, appropriate to a comprehensive coaching practice.
  • The unearthing of abundant options for individual coaching practice development in executive and team coaching scenarios.

We invite each participant to engage fully in the consequences of his or her insights and communication, for the purpose of comprehensively expressing individual training needs and professional choices. Additionally, we encourage each participant to actively engage in the program’s comprehensive process of ‘co-management’ for the assurance of superior performance and with respect to member responsibilities as they relate to operating principles recommended by a group mentor and/or a supervisor and concurrently validated by every participating team member.

NOTE: The Supervised Coaching Masterclass is not a therapeutic program. Participants are strongly en­couraged to seek the appropriate environment to access psychological and/or personal support.

The Masterclasses are held on the same day every month, unless otherwise stated.
The day that they are held is set by the founding members of the first group in that particular city.
They are Facilitated by either an accredited Senior or Master Coach.

Schedule of  ONLINE Coaching Masterclasses

The Online Supervised Coaching Masterclass in English and in Bulgarian is facilitated by

Katrin Prentice, AMC (IAPC&M)  Managing Director for the Coach Training Division of Noble Manhattan Coaching in the Balkans Region. Katrin is among the first accredited Master Coaches in Eastern Europe, she is experienced life, executive coach with 3000 hours with individual clients.

She is a senior faculty member in Noble Manhattan, coach mentor and trainer, course co-creator and webinar lecturer and final assessor. Together with her partner Brian Prentice, their company has contributed greatly to the development of the coaching industry in Eastern Europe,. As Master Distributor for Noble Manhattan Coaching their company Palitri International ltd has trained hundreds of coaches and mentors in the Balkans region, many of them leading names in the business and coaching community. Hear what some of the students who have trained on the Noble Manhattan Courses have to say – visit our youtube channel here