NEW: Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate (APCC)

280 accredited hours

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This Advanced Coaching Certificate program is the ideal happy medium, which combines more practical hours of group masterclass training with the essential coaching knowledge and theory, extracted from the Practitioner Coach Diploma course. 

  • The Advanced Coaching Certificate course will give you the ideal opportunity to master the theory of the fundamental coaching skills and gain proficiency and confidence in their practical application, through the masterclasses in applied coaching.

  • You will learn everything you need to confidently proceed towards applying for your accreditation as a Practitioner Coach with the International Authority of Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M).


Who Is the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate Course For?

  • This is your ideal place to start if you are already going through changes, or considering making a career change.

Coaching is the fastest growing industry in the world and can be done entirely online if needed.

You can work from home and reach a global audience of clients.

The Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate Program in Life Coaching is designed for people who:

  • like interactive experiential training
  • prefer the participatory approach to learning
  • thrive in practical group exercises,
  • appreciate the power of mentoring, supervision
  • welcome real-time feedback
  • And at the same time, they 
    • love studying on their own – to open the book and become one with the words; to dive in and listen to audio lectures
    • appreciate the intellectual wealth gathered in the pages of the textbooks and audios by multiple authors
    • enjoy the transformation that occurs in one’s mind and heart as a result of reading, listening and the process of reflection

The course is for you if you want to:

  • Gain real confidence as a professional coach
  • Get involved in training that both time and cost-effective,
  • Train at a high level of qualification, content, and proficiency
  • Learn from the best company in the industry

Course content

The extended certificate program for coaching training includes the theoretical (distance learning) part and practical-applied (face-to-face / online) part.


The distance learning part, designed as self-study, would take you about 4 to 6 months. How quickly you finish this part of the training depends largely on the speed with which you cover the material.

Flexible Training

The course is designed to be fully flexible in its structure and can be fully arranged around your professional or family responsibilities and time commitments.

You learn from home and you decide when to start, as well as the speed with which you cover the study material.

You are free from the need to travel, and you have the freedom to study at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Theoretical (distance learning) part of  the training

The study materials and aids will be sent to you by courier.advanced practitioner coach certificate

The package includes:

  • Textbook - 355 pages with all study modules on the topics, including the additional exercises you need to do
  • Handbook - This guide will guide you through your training, and give you information on how to document your work, the necessary forms, tables, and instructions.
  • CD Set of discs with recorded audio lectures - 8 discs covering the 5 modules you will work on
  • CD Set of discs with recorded real coaching sessions - 8 discs with sample coaching sessions, giving an idea of ​​how the sessions should be conducted
  • A book you must read
  • Study Notebook accompanying the Master Coaching Classes

Book and Critique of the Book

advanced practitioner coach certificate

Your first task is to read the book and write a review. The critique of the book represents your thoughts and impressions expressed within one or two pages (A4). There is no set right or wrong answer - you just need to share what you learned from what you read. This will give you a good start before you dive into the rest of the study material.

Study Modules and Audio Lectures

After submitting the review of the book, you can start working on the study modules. Each module includes reading on the topic, as well as exercises that you must do.

After getting acquainted with the modules, you should listen to the relevant audio lecture on the same topic in order to fully master the essence of the learning material.

Topics include:

  • The ability to have a conversation
  • The four pillars of coaching (audio only)
  • The ability to listen - the audio lecture is in two parts
  • The ability to ask questions - the audio lecture is in two parts
  • TGROW (coaching model)
  • Values ​​and value system

Written Essay

You are required to write an essay - on a topic of your choice, on the topics listed in the textbook.

Learning by observation - Recorded coaching sessions

advanced practitioner coach certificate

Once you have completed all the modules, it is time to listen to the lecture on the proper conduct and structuring of a coaching session. You can also listen to several selected sample sessions. Three of them are examples of good sessions, and three are examples of unsuccessful sessions to find out what the difference is. The discs also contain feedback and mentor advice. In the end, you can listen to a sample exam session conducted by a person who has successfully received his diploma. This will give you additional ideas on how to improve your coaching skills and how to further develop them.

Coaching Practice

You are required 60 practical hours of coaching with "clients".  This is the minimum required by the International Professional Coaching and Mentoring Authority. You can practice with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. The choice of "clients" is yours, as long as people know that you are not an accredited coach and these practical sessions are free.

Monthly webinars

- You will participate in two types of webinars each month. They take place in real-time, and you have the opportunity to talk and meet with teachers and other students, and to ask questions. During your training course, you will receive a minimum of 36 webinars. Each webinar equals 1 CCE hour/point with ICF or 1 CPD hour with IAPC&M

  • Coaching Training Webinars - on the modules and topics of the Diploma Training Course, multiple lecturers from the accredited coaches in the international Noble Manhattan faculty
  • Webinars for your Professional Coaching Development - with a designated Master Coach, where you can ask anything, and receive answers to any questions or issues you may have in your development as a coach

Over 36 CPD hours during your course duration!

Ongoing Professional Support and After Your Certification

Access to these webinars remains free for you forever, not only while you study, but also after you qualify. This is part of the grant and ongoing CPD that the company provides for our students.

The Practical Part of the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate Program.

Program of 10 coaching master classes with supervision and mentoring in a group.

  • They are held once a month
  • Each masterclass is a full day training experience (7 hours)
  • Always the fourth Saturday of each month
    • at 10:30 h to 17:30 h Sofia/Athens time
    • at 9:30 h to 16:30 h Zurich / Skopje time
    • at 8:30 h to 15:30 h UK time
  • Currently, the international edition of the program is ONLINE
  • The schedule - by dates - is HERE.
  • The class is available in English, as well as Bulgarian languages.
  • You will work in a multi-national environment of professionals developing their coaching skills with Noble Manhattan - from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Pakistan, Turkey, South Africa, France, and Switzerland, and others.

The Benefits of the Coaching Masterclasses aspect of the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate

  1. This master class program will give you practical know-how and provide you with the practical building blocks to become both a good and successful coach.
  2. Supervised and mentoring under the personal care of an Accredited Master Coach and the proven methodology of Noble Manhattan Coaching is the winning combination to keep you at the forefront of the Coaching profession and help you stay up to date in your skills in a fast-paced world and business.
  3. Each module/master class is full of intensive practical training through   participation and interactive exercises for learning in a group setting

Why You Should Join the Masterclass Program:

  • Coaching masterclasses help you get all the answers to your questions which the textbooks do not answer!
  • You get real-time supervision
  • You learn how to apply the knowledge from the textbook in real-life practice.
  • You turn your coaching knowledge into practical skills and mastery.
  • For the price of one coaching session, you receive all-day coach training under the personal attention of a leading Accredited Master Coach.
  • It is not about listening to lectures, but about what, how, and when you do in real-life scenarios!
  • It's about receiving enhanced practical guidance and meddling in your skills!
  • How fast do you want to grow as a confident coach? - The Masterclasses are your fast track to mastery.
  • It is one thing to read a textbook. It's one thing to listen to lectures. Or to fumble around on your own to find what works through personal practice. But it is a whole different level when you participate in the masterclasses. - Then you know for sure! Then you grow for sure!
  • You move by leaps and jumps ahead of your peers on any other course of study. This is guaranteed !!
  • In addition, you grow and progress together in a team with other coaches and colleagues.

You must attend 10 Masterclasses within 12 months in order to receive your Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate.