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ONLINE Coaching Masterclass Program

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10 Modules Coaching Masterclass Program ONLINE

with Coaching Supervision and Mentoring

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The course consists of 10 monthly training days modules.

Successful completion of the 10 masterclass modules in 12 months results in a Certificate in Applied Coaching Competencies.

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8 in stock


Supervised Coaching Masterclass Program

– Qualification: Certificate in Applied Coaching Competencies

The Online Coaching Masterclass Program is a great place to start your journey into the world of life and workplace coaching, providing you with essential practical coaching knowledge and skills. It is also blends perfectly with the Practitioner Coach Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching , thus creating the absolute Advanced Level of professional coach training.

This is a certified course in its own right and it can immediately improve your work communication and management, and equip you with new professional skills to support your clients as a coach.

This is your ideal place to begin if you are considering a shift or you are going through a change in your career.

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world, and can be carried out entirely online, if necessary. You can work from home and reach a global audience of clientele.

This masterclass program will give you practical know-how and provide you with the practical building blocks of becoming both good and successful coach.

The supervision and mentoring from an accredited master coach and the proven methodology by Noble Manhattan Coaching is the winning combination to keep you on the cutting edge of the coaching profession, and help you stay current and relevant in the rapidly evolving world and business.

The Certificate in Applied Coaching Competencies has been designed to accommodate people who  prefer the participatory approach to learning and require interactive training, and appreciate the power of mentoring, supervision, and feedback.

Each module of the online coaching masterclass program is jam-packed with intensive practical training through participation and interactive learning exercises in a group setting.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass Program is for you if:

  • You want learning which does not require huge investment of time or finances
  • You want to have the option of being able to progress your studies at a later date
  • You want training from the best company in the industry.
  • if you are unable for whatever reasons to register for the full  Practitioner Coach Diploma

The Online Coaching Masterclass Program help you get all those questions answered that the textbooks do not answer!!!

Get real life supervision, learn how to put the textbook knowledge into real life practice. Turn your coaching knowledge into actual skill and mastery. This is what these masterclasses give you.

  • For the price of a coaching session you get a full day of coaching tuition with the personal attention of Master Coach.
  • It’s not about lectures, it’s about doing it! It’s about getting enhanced practical guidance, and meddling into your skills!

How fast do you want to grow as a coach? The masterclasses are your fast track to mastery.

  • It’s one thing to read, it’s one thing to listen, it’s one thing to fumble on your own through practice sessions and figure it out – it’s a whole new level when you participate in the masterclasses. Then you know for certain. Then you grow for certain, and you develop by jumps and leaps ahead of your peers on any of the courses. This is guaranteed!!
  • You also move together, and grow together as a team with other coaches and colleagues.

When Taken Together with the Practitioner Coach Diploma course, the total hours of accredited coach training become 420 hours, and the qualification is

Advanced Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching

My experience with Katrin is absolutely positive. She is a brilliant mentor and I’ve grown immensely in my practice as a coach. I was very impressed with how in tune she was with me which meant her feedback was always on point. Her advice never fell short. It was precise, straight to the point, and very clear. She always took the time to answer my million questions and never left me feeling unclear about anything. I was able to get better and better each session, thanks to her critical observations. Katrin really helped me fine-tune my coaching skills. I can only imagine how amazing she is as a coach. Thank you Katrin for all that insightful knowledge you took the time to share with me, and for always making me feel comfortable with your lovely smile.

Maria Tedim

Montreal, Canada

My mentor sessions with Katrin were some of my favorite and most beneficial experiences in this course. I met Katrin during my first residential weekend, and she was then assigned as my mentor coach. I found her instruction during this course to be fantastic, colorful, and endlessly beneficial. Following my mentor and coaching sessions with her, my coaching transformed tremendously. I recommend Katrin to anyone serious about personal growth, in both life and the coaching world. Time spent with Katrin as a mentor and coach is like a breath of fresh air.

-Michael Vasconez, USA

Katrin has been the best mentor I have had. She has been very clear and precise in what I needed to work on. She is very keen on detail and didn’t miss the moments that turned into learning opportunities for me.  Her mentoring really helped me focus on my areas of needed improvement. Katrin delivers her feedback in a neutral, supporting and uplifting way so you understand what the issue at hand is, making the learning process easy. In every session I felt encouraged to continue trying new things, practicing putting myself out there and Katrin always pointed out the things that I did well.

By changing up each session, Katrin really kept me on my toes and provided me with a variety of insights that I very much appreciate. In just a few sessions, Katrin instilled the confidence in me that I needed to move ahead with my goal of becoming an effective coach.

I feel very fortunate to have had Katrin as my mentor and hold her in very high esteem. I can see in her, what it takes to be a magnificent coach. Thank you Katrin for your patience and insightful feedback.

Beatrice Phillips, Florida, USA