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Welcome to the Practitioner Coach Diploma Course

If you are new to coaching, this course is the ideal vehicle to achieve your coaching aspirations. You will engage in the development of fundamental knowledge together with the practical application and demonstration of essential coaching skills. Whatever your ultimate goal, the solid knowledge and skills base acquired through the Practitioner course is vital to any form or arena of coaching.

The course combines distance and face to face learning:

1) Distance Learning

2) Residential 3 Day Training – This is the face-to-face element of the course

— The cost of the Residential Experience is included in the price (all accommodation, three course meals and snacks), so you don’t pay for it additionally. And you retain the right for ever to return to the Residential and partake of the training for FREE, as many times as you wish in the future.

** The whole course takes about 350 hours, depending on your speed of learning and how fast you work will depend on how long it will take to complete. What we usually find is that if someone is doing 10-12 hours per week they can expect to get the course done in 9-12 months.

The course is designed to be fully flexible and is designed to fit around a full time job or family. You can work through the course a lot quicker if you want to but you can’t really expect to get the course done in less than 6 months. The course is designed to be fully flexible and fit around your life style so you can start the course anytime you wish. We also offer our students a number of comfortable payment plans to make it as easy as possible for each student.

Accreditation: The course is fully accredited with the IIC – the International Institute of Coaching. The IIC is one of the international accreditation bodies for coaches and coach training providers. The course is also endorsed with ILM -Institute of Leadership and Management. In the end you will receive an internationally recognized Diploma as a Life and Executive Coach.

Contact us today for further details on how to start your training as a professional Life and Executive Coach

What others have to say…

“Diploma Program of Noble Manhattan is intended for people who want to use coaching skills in their current profession and for those who want coaching to become their profession.

This virtual platform allows freedom in the organization of learning, but also has the ability to exercise and enough additional attendance learning. Mentors of Noble Manhattan are of the highest professional level and are an inspiration to learners coaches.

The most valuable training in this program was that I learned to reflect on ourselves and work according to a preset plan for development, which inevitably led to me growing up as a coach and learning many new and valuable skills.”

Boryana Karaboycheva

“Thank you, Gerard!

1 day spent with you and I am a different person! Brave and motivated all of a sudden, energetic and full of ideas, willing to work and to learn new things!

Your training was like Tsunami- it blew away so many of my limiting beliefs!!! I gave myself a promise that within 1 year from now I will be running my own business and you will be proud as my inspiring coach and teacher!

I am so lucky to meet you- now I have the feeling and I believe that I am capable to take my life back and to create something that will make a difference, your guidance helped me see how I can PRACTICE my Mission.

Looking forward to seeing you again and I give myself the promise you will see the POSITIVE IMPACT your words had on me!

Thank you!”

Monika Zlateva

What part of the course did you find most beneficial?  What was the reason you found this element of the course most beneficial?

“I definitely found the mentor coaching sessions extremely beneficial and also real pleasure!

The study buddy goods also played a vital role in the training.”

Ralitsa Gospodinova

“There are thousands of courses and workshops out there and I’ve been to many. However, the support and attitude of Noble Manhattan are something you don’t come across every day. The opportunity to receive training from such a high level is beyond what money can buy. And above all, I think that what really makes difference is that those people really do care.”

Desislava Videnova

Executive & Corporate Coach Diploma Program

You will commence your studies by undertaking a good overview of coaching in the workplace. You will look at methods, models and tools, business coaching, executive coaching, the manager as coach, and team coaching. You will learn a practical step-by-step approach that supports your understanding and development as a coach in the business and corporate environment.In addition you will look at a practical approach to the world of leadership and what it takes to be a competent coach of leaders.

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** ** **

Length of training: The whole course takes about 235 Hours in total – The course is designed to be totally flexible and fit around your own lifestyle and on average will take you 9-12 months to complete on average.

Accreditation: Our courses are all fully accredited with the IIC – International Institute of coaching, and with the ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management. – Level 7 Certificate Course.

** ** **

Course Details:

The course is split into two parts.

1) Distance Learning

2) Residential 3 Day Training. — The cost of the Residential Experience is included in the price (all accommodation, three course meals and snacks), so you don’t pay for it additionally.

Part 1 – Distance Learning

The Diploma Course includes:

Book and Book Critique

2 Books and Critiques

The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work by Perry Zeus and Suzanne Skiffington

Leadership Coaching (on personal insights to organizational performance) by Graham Lee

The book critique is your thoughts down on a couple of sheets of A4 and there’s no real right or wrong answers, it’s just your understanding of the book. You don’t even have to like the book. We understand that a lot of our students haven’t been in a school environment for some time so we don’t mind about punctuation, spelling etc. etc.

Study Modules

There are 4 study modules to cover. Each module contains a number of practical exercises, designed to deepen and integrate your learning.

1. Executive Coaching

2. Team Coaching

3. Leadership

4. Organizational Culture and Managing Change

Written Work

2 AssignmentsYou must also complete 2 written assignments based on 2 different module topics. Each assignment must be between 3000-3500 words and is entirely your choice as to which 2 modules you base your written assignments on. Assignment options can be found at the end of each module.

Mentor coach

Mentoring and Feedback (4 x 1 hour sessions) These are primarily to help you prepare you for the skills assessment at the end of the course. You will be familiar with all the basic coaching skills, and the mentoring is intended to develop these to a more advanced level in the context of the workplace.

Your corporate mentor coach will act as your client (for some of the time) during mentoring sessions to support you in continuing to develop your coaching skills for the business and corporate environment. You will coach your mentor (in the role of client) and they will give you feedback on how you are making progress

Receive Supervision

Supervision (4 x ½ hour sessions) with a specialist supervisor coach.

As part of the Advanced Diploma programme you are provided with telephone/Skype-based supervision with a specialist supervisor coach. You will have four sessions of 30 min each. This aims to develop a working relationship which promotes your professional growth as a coach – with the supervisor’s role being to reflect back to you where they perceive possible or actual unconscious processes or where your professional approach can be strengthened.

Practical coaching + skills assessment

There’s 35 hours of logged practical coaching to be done. This needs to be done with business or corporate clients.

And when your mentor coach thinks you’re ready for it they’ll put you forward for a final practical skills assessment. Thinks works exactly the same way as a mentor session but instead of giving you feedback at the end you will be assessed on your performance.


There are 12 teleclasses to be done. The teleclasses are mini lectures over the telephone on subjects relating to your course work that tie in with the modules you are working through in your course material.

These are available on our member’s area in MP3 files so you can download and listen to them at a time that suits you.

The topics they cover are:

1. The ABC Model

2. Corporate Coaching Competencies

3. Coaching and Mentoring

4. Leadership

5. Building Vision

6. Team Coaching

7. Developing Workplace Culture

8. Managing Change

9. Values

10. Global Working or Global Working +Cultural Difference

11. Managing Conflict

12. Diversity and Human Difference

Part 2 – 3 Day Residential Weekend

The Residential

is a great practical experience which provides everyone with the opportunity to engage with fellow students and corporate faculty.

This is over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is fully inclusive. You’re fully looked after from the moment you arrive. You will have your own double bedroom which is en-suite, all meals are included, refreshments, elevenses etc etc. – We do this for a reason. We don’t want people to worry about the little things like the cost of a sandwich or a cup of coffee. We limit numbers on our residential course to about 25-30 students to about 6-8 trainers and staff. We limit numbers so people get the full benefits of the weekend.

Some of the topics Covered include:

  • ABC Working Model – A-Awareness – being aware of the clients space/clients goals

B-Business Model – How to get your own clients

C- Coaching Skills – All your coaching skills, questioning/listing etc

You need to integrate all of the above to become a successful business coach

  • Building a Coaching Practice
  • Coaching Clients who need to manage change
  • Coaching and managing politics in the workplace
  • Corporate Coaching Competencies
  • Coaching practice and Feedback
  • Leadership Coaching and the role of the Leadership Coach
  • Ethical Practice

** ** **

On-Going Support

The thing that makes Noble Manhattan stand out from other companies is the support we offer not only while you are on the course but for life. We are still in touch with most of our coaches today and work with the closely.

Here are just a few things we do to support you:

Support Groups – We run these on a monthly basis all over the UK, Ireland, Poland, Romania and we keep developing. This is a great opportunity to meet like minded people in your local area, discuss the course/coaching, listen to speakers and have as a great social event.

Members Area – designed for all NM students, Coaches and Associates to provide as much backup, help, care and support as you need. You will have access to hundreds of hours of downloadable teleclasses, past essays, helpful hints, details of support coaches and access to an online community so you can join study groups and talk with students/coaches worldwide.

Business 4 Coaches – is a sister website to the NM group. All it does is help you set up your own business and help you gain work.

It provides:

• Education

• Training

• Knowledge

• Support

• Hundreds of coaching forums, templates and business letters

The opportunity to participate in actual paid coaching contracts. We have companies get in touch

with us, asking for coaches so you can apply for these contracts like applying for a normal job.

Marketing Advise – We can advise you on how to market yourself (niche marketing) and how to get your business started and the IT department can also design you a website at a very reasonable price.

Practitioner Coach Certificate 

This is a great course to get you started if you are unable to register for the full Practitioner Coach Diploma.

We’ve taken parts from the main course and created a “first step” into the world of coaching. We wouldn’t say you’d be sufficiently qualified to trade solely as a personal coach but this course is great to learn new skills to take back into the workplace, add on to your existing skills, or to apply to your personal relationships at home.

The course is Long-Distance and takes about 115 hours, depending on your speed of learning and how fast you work will depend on how long it will take to complete. What we usually find is that if someone is doing the course part time they can expect to get the course done in about 4-5 months.

Download NMC color brochure

The Course Material

We send out by courier all the course materials that you’ll need for the course. This consists of
• A Training Manual – a folder which contains all of the modules and course work that you’ll need to work through
• A course handbook – This will guide you through the whole course and give you information on how to log your coaching work
• CD Set of Recorded Lectures – 8 CDs that relate to the 5 modules you’re working through.
• CD set of “Live” Coaching Calls – 8 CDs with examples of coaching calls and how they should be done.
• We also send a book called Co-Active Coaching.

Book and Book Critique
The first part of the course is to read the Co-Active Coaching book and write a book critique. The book critique is just your thoughts down on a couple of sheets of A4 and there’s no real right or wrong answers it’s just your understanding of the book. This is a really good starting point before you start working through the rest of the materials.

Modules & Lectures
Once we have received the book critique you can then start working through the five modules. There’s reading material for each one followed by some tasks that need to be completed. This is then backed up by listening to recorded lectures on the topic so you get a really good understanding on the topic.

The modules include:
1) The Four Pillars of Coaching

2) Listening Skills – Part 1 & 2 on recorded lectures
3) Questioning Skills – Part 1 & 2 on recorded lectures
4) T.G.R.O.W.
5) Values

“Live” Coaching Calls
Once the modules have been completed you can then listen to a lecture on how a coaching session should be run and managed. You can then listen to some examples of some “live” coaching calls. We’ve recorded 3 good calls and 3 bad calls to show you the difference. The CDs also contain feedback given by a mentor coach. This is then followed by listening to a final coaching assessment by someone who passed their diploma. This will really show you how to improve your coaching skills and develop your skills as a coach.

Practical coaching
There’s 10 hours of practical coaching to be done. This can be done with friends, relatives, colleagues etc, it’s entirely up to you, as long as people know that you’re not a qualified coach and it’s all done free of charge.

Written Work
There is also a reflective essay to be done. This can be done on a subject of your choice.


If you wanted to continue on to the Coach Practitioner Diploma after completing the Certificate Program you would be given accreditation for prior learning so you can easily move from one course to another, building on your existing skills and the cost of the course would be reduced accordingly.

Coaching Masterclass with Supervision


Comprehensive  Group  Supervision and  Mentoring  programs DESIGNED  SPECIFICALLY for PROFESSIONALS  in the Executive  and team  Coaching  Arenas  and  for  those  engaged  in  Individual  Coaching

The Coaching MasterClass with Supervision, offered exclusively through Noble Manhattan Coaching, offers group supervision / coach co-training in a collaborative learning environment.

The Coaching MasterClass with Supervision group learning environment allows participants to develop executive master coaching and/or team master coaching skills at an individual pace.

The Coaching MasterClass with Supervision replicates the actual structure and process of real-life coaching for the purposes of individual benefit, efficient team work, goal achievement and problem solving.  To ensure accurate representation of the true coaching relationship, classes are offered on a ten day cycle, once a month over a 365-day period.

This program’s comprehensive training, mentoring and learning process is advantageous both personally and professionally, taking into account all prospective executive and team coaching interpersonal boundaries as they occur within a team learning setting.


The Coaching MasterClass with Supervision develops coaching practitioner expertise in three main areas:

  • Increased understanding and competencies in individual one-to-one personal coaching
  • Core competencies in comprehensive executive coaching, based upon professionalism, creativity and coaching satisfaction
  • A deeper understanding of what is needed to enhance sales and marketing, create products, access the most innovative success strategies, develop a keener “business sense”, immerse oneself in today’s networking systems and collaborate with colleagues in an effort to write, get published, etc.

Executive MBA Program

With the Noble Manhattan’s partners of The International Business School (IBD) We can now offer an All new Executive MBA.

This is the Only Executive MBA that has a coaching model included in it.

IBD Executive MBA:

  • Programme co-designed with Ashridge Business School and meeting UK business education quality standards
  • Flexible study mode, combining bi-monthly intensive residential sessions with advanced e-learning methods
  • Embedded in executive development practice of two leading executive development institutions
  • Academically rich and practically relevant, informed by applied research and insights from management practitioners
  • Taught by world-class faculty
  • Delivered entirely in English

Our value proposition

Innovative, rigorous yet practical program, co-designed by a world’s top business school together with Poland’s leading executive development organisation. A program combining flexible study mode with world-class faculty, adhering to highest educational standards.

Contact the IBD for more information.

Created with practicing managers in mind, the IBD Executive MBA is designed for individuals whose careers are already well advanced and who desire to achieve more. It is for both seasoned professionals and executives at the peak of their career and mid-level managers wishing to accelerate their way to the top. Participants with divers professional and ethnic backgrounds, from all industries and different types of organizations are welcome, as they  will contribute to a rich learning environment of this programme.
The programme is for people who have clear, realistic career goals and know how an Executive MBA can help them achieve these goals. As each participant will be studying alongside a diverse group of capable and highly motivated classmates, we are looking for candidates who are not only capable of benefiting from an advanced educational offering but are also able to contribute to our teaching environment of small groups and peer learning. We are looking for participants with passion who are open-minded and eager to learn new things and broaden their horizons.

EMBA Award

Students who successfully complete the degree requirements of the EMBA Programme will receive an IBD Business School diploma certifying the rights and privileges appertaining to the qualification of Executive Master of Business Administration. Through co-designing this programme with Ashridge Business School, our diploma reflects the regulations and directions contained in the UK Code of Higher Education.

The Executive Master of Business Administration award is globally recognized within the business field as a certification of advanced business management knowledge and skills valued by employers worldwide. The possession of such award enables the recipient to assert his/her professional standing and opens the avenues towards accelerated career progress.


Program Overview

The IBD Executive MBA is a 20-month modular program. Delivered in an efficient, flexible format, combining classroom meetings with e-learning, our EMBA allows participants to learn and apply learning directly to their work place. The program consists of 12 self-contained modules, an MBA project, and ongoing personal and leadership development. Each module provides immersive learning experience through which participants will:

  • be briefed on cutting-edge management concepts and tools
  • develop analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • explore new ideas with their instructors and classmates
  • gain deeper insights into specialised subjects
  • develop their own views of what is essential to succeed in their line of business

Designed for working professionals, the program’s structure minimizes participants’ time away from the office by complementing classroom experience with dynamic e-learning methods.  Our dedicated Learning Space platform is used for both module-seminar enhancement and the development of participants’ managerial competences and leadership capabilities.


10 Great Reasons to Join The Alpha Group (TAG)

These are just a few of the top benefits you can get out of your monthly mastermind meetings and your new extended board:

  • Enjoy support to help develop and crystallize your company vision.
  • Brainstorm strategies and sharpen your focus for long-term benefits.
  • Tackle hairy current issues with advice from experienced, like-minded business leaders.
  • Learn new techniques and skills for creative problem-solving leading to a broader perspective.
  • Open your eyes to new alternative management methods.
  • Discover that your issues need not be faced alone and decisions are fully investigated.
  • Revel in your new board of advisors who will become friends and mentors but most importantly, they will hold you accountable.
  • Accept the help you can get to make decisions necessary to lead your business to where you want it.
  • Thrive on renewed optimism and motivation
  • Keep on learning, giving and growing

If you would like to find out how being part of one of our boards will help you and your business, then do not hesitate,  contact us and we will be happy to invite you to attend your local board.