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About Palitri International
Palitri International was first registered in 2012, we have been the Official Distributors for Noble Manhattan Coaching in the Balkan Region.
We were the first company to bring Professional Coach training to Bulgaria and and launch its first ever Certificate course entirely in the Bulgarian Language.
In 2014 we were nominated for Company if the year for the development of the Coaching industry.

About Noble Manhattan Coaching

First registered in 1993, we are the world’s longest established Professional Life Coach and Executive Coach training company. As well-established leaders in the field of personal development, we work with both individuals and companies to raise their levels of self-empowerment and achievement. Since 2010 we have been growing a worldwide network of strategic partners and licensed distributors and are now delighted to be trading in 32 countries around the globe.

Our motto is “fortune favours the prepared mind” and all of our courses, presentations and products are designed to provide you with the mindset you need to make the most of the life ahead of you. We firmly believe everyone has the ability to be, do and have anything they desire. So if you have the willingness to learn, we can provide the rest.

Life Coaching as we know and understand it today originated in the USA in the 1980s but has more recently gained public recognition throughout the world where it is enjoying phenomenal growth as more and more people discover the advantages for themselves. Life Coaching is sweeping the country invading so many aspects of corporate and personal life that you almost wonder how we ever managed before. More and more people are experiencing an eagerness to become a professional – recent figures indicate that coaching is now the second fastest growing industry in the world- second only to the IT industry.

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