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The Coaching Starter Kit

We’ve created a Short Quick-Start Course that teaches you FIVE POWERFUL TOOLS to get you started as a coach.

Learn from Noble Manhattan’s top coaches the core steps you need to follow in order to begin coaching and facilitate a breakthrough for someone you coach – how to coach any person through the obstacles and challenges that stop them from achieving their goals and creating the life they want.

Special Offer

If you are interested in discovering how to use these 5 powerful strategies,

that Noble Manhattan Master Coaches use,

to facilitate sustainable breakthroughs with clients,

we invite you to get The Coaching Starter Kit at this very Special Offer here today.

You will :

  • Learn the Fundamentals Pillars of Coaching
  • Discover the Art of the Finer Skills of Conversation
  • Go Beyond Hearing and Learn to Listen Deeply
  • Connect the Dots for Client’s Motivation – the Magic Formula Beliefs-Values-Goals
  • Allow Your Intuition to Empower You as a Coach

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What’s inside the Coaching Starter Kit

Special Offer

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this training:
  • The four pillars of coaching – discover what separates coaching from mentoring, therapy, or intervention. Utilize the strengths of coaching to the full in order to achieve the results no other helping profession can.
  • The Magic Formula to creating motivation. Why do people achieve some goals, yet other goals will be forever unattained? What do values and beliefs have to do with goals? Discover the powerful formula of goal achievement.
  • The level of listening that wins people over and gets them to trust you quickly – what happens when you listen profoundly? Where is that point when people are willing to share & talk about issues that are extremely personal?
  • Intuition – your ever-present coaching assistant. Learn to count on it. Discover your contact point. Recognize the hint and act on it. Where do you tune into in order to catch the broadcast? What not to do with your intuition? Master the intangible tool that creates tangible results.

And a lot more!