Coaching Support Exists for One Reason Only

To help and support all coaches and student coaches worldwide.

Coaching Groups

Which meet in many cities all over the world- The groups will be a central hub for coaches, student coaches and anyone working in or interested in coaching and developing human potential, their own or that of others. The coaching support groups will provide support, motivation, inspiration and information as well as a place where like-minded people can come together to form a mastermind alliance. The groups will also raise the awareness of coaching and the benefits of having a coach within their local community.

Coaching Tools

To help you build grow and manage your business- from aide memoirs to prospecting and marketing tools.

Coaching Services

To help you in all aspects of your business from bookkeeping to providing virtual assistants and copywriters.

Coaching Events

We highlight what we believe are some of the best coaching events taking place in the world- we are also able to negotiate substantial discounts from many of these events for all visitors to this site

Coaching Accreditation

We put you in touch with the leading accreditation and governing bodies to help you develop a professional and competent practice

Training and CPD

We shortlist for you some of the best initial coach training programs and ongoing professional development courses and resources.

There are currently coaching support groups in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Beirut, and Switzerland.
New coaching support group will be launching soon in England, France, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Please see the drop down menu to see the groups in the Balkan Region.