This is a great course to get you started if you are unable to register for the full Practitioner Coach Diploma.

We’ve taken parts from the main course and created a “first step” into the world of coaching. We wouldn’t say you’d be sufficiently qualified to trade solely as a personal coach but this course is great to learn new skills to take back into the workplace, add on to your existing skills, or to apply to your personal relationships at home.

The course is Long-Distance and takes about 115 hours, depending on your speed of learning and how fast you work will depend on how long it will take to complete. What we usually find is that if someone is doing the course part time they can expect to get the course done in about 4-5 months.

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The Course Material

We send out by courier all the course materials that you’ll need for the course. This consists of
• A Training Manual – a folder which contains all of the modules and course work that you’ll need to work through
• A course handbook – This will guide you through the whole course and give you information on how to log your coaching work
• CD Set of Recorded Lectures – 8 CDs that relate to the 5 modules you’re working through.
• CD set of “Live” Coaching Calls – 8 CDs with examples of coaching calls and how they should be done.
• We also send a book called Co-Active Coaching.

Book and Book Critique
The first part of the course is to read the Co-Active Coaching book and write a book critique. The book critique is just your thoughts down on a couple of sheets of A4 and there’s no real right or wrong answers it’s just your understanding of the book. This is a really good starting point before you start working through the rest of the materials.

Modules & Lectures
Once we have received the book critique you can then start working through the five modules. There’s reading material for each one followed by some tasks that need to be completed. This is then backed up by listening to recorded lectures on the topic so you get a really good understanding on the topic.

The modules include:
1) The Four Pillars of Coaching
2) Listening Skills – Part 1 & 2 on recorded lectures
3) Questioning Skills – Part 1 & 2 on recorded lectures
4) T.G.R.O.W.
5) Values

“Live” Coaching Calls
Once the modules have been completed you can then listen to a lecture on how a coaching session should be run and managed. You can then listen to some examples of some “live” coaching calls. We’ve recorded 3 good calls and 3 bad calls to show you the difference. The CDs also contain feedback given by a mentor coach. This is then followed by listening to a final coaching assessment by someone who passed their diploma. This will really show you how to improve your coaching skills and develop your skills as a coach.

Practical coaching
There’s 10 hours of practical coaching to be done. This can be done with friends, relatives, colleagues etc, it’s entirely up to you, as long as people know that you’re not a qualified coach and it’s all done free of charge.

Written Work
There is also a reflective essay to be done. This can be done on a subject of your choice.


If you wanted to continue on to the Coach Practitioner Diploma after completing the Certificate Program you would be given accreditation for prior learning so you can easily move from one course to another, building on your existing skills and the cost of the course would be reduced accordingly.