Limba Veselinovikj

President, Skopje Coaching Support Group

Personal Goal
Being in love with human psychology and personal development for as long as I can remember,growing up, I always found different ways to motivate and help people around me to find their purpose, solve an issue, embrace changes, look for opportunities, to get past their obstacles or fears, follow their dreams and be inspired.I love to think that everything is possible, and I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we create our own future by what we think, how we act upon our dreams and what decisions we make on a daily basis.


I have been pursuing a career in HR, on a variety of positions from a Global Recruitment Manager, Senior Training and Development Manager to HR Manager and Career and HR consultant. In the past few years, I have conducted variety of group trainings, and I have attended a number of leadership and personal growth trainings myself such as Accountability Training ‘The Wizard Of OZ”, ‘ALPS’ Training, Starting as a New Leader”, and so on.My passion for coaching brought me complete Train the Trainer Certification from “Points of You” and currently I am a proud student of Noble Manhattan Life & Executive Coach  program (PCD).