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    Tuition Fee - € 9000 Current Offer: 9000 5350 Payment plan Option: 1610 (current month) +11 months X 360   Achieve 430 accredited hours of Coach-Specific Advanced Training. Of which 125 synchronous hours in direct contact with a tutor (both online and in-person) developing your Applied Coaching Competencies The Noble Manhattan Diploma course delivers an advanced coach training experience, of 430 hours of blended learning, which encompasses the elements of both Level 1 and Level 2 Accredited Coach Training Programs, as a complete singular journey to your coaching mastery Write to us at  for assistance. Let’s have a chat: за български вижте тук        
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    Tuition Fee: 3997 (before VAT) current offer: €3997  3600 Payment Plan Option: 1080 (to enrol) + 8 months X 335   (Quotes are before VAT/преди ДДС) Receive 285 accredited hours of coach-specific elite training, which brings you the essence of the Diploma Course and supplements it with extensive practical coaching masterclass group training. Enjoy unprecedented continuous post-graduate professional development, to provide the best happy medium of a high-quality coach training course, which is both time and cost-effective. 285 hours Blended Learning Package - includes:     за български: ** ** ** Write to us at  
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  • Tuition Fee: € 2 500 +VAT one module: 250 +vat   10 Masterclass Days - The Supervised Coaching Masterclass Program CERTIFICATE IN APPLIED COACHING COMPETENCIES

    - entirely experiential & practical training, 10 months

      Payment Plan Option:  €750 (to enroll) + 5 months X €360  (Quotes are before VAT/преди ДДС)  

    10 group-training-modules Coaching Masterclass Program ONLINE

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    Tuition Fee: € 6500 Current Offer - €65004800 Payment plan Option: 1443 (30% starting deposit in the current month) + 9 months X 393   With this offer, you receive:
    1. Practitioner Coach Diploma Classic Program - 360 hours of Blended learning – Coaching Diploma IAPC&M Level 7
    2. The NM Diploma course embodies the essentials of both Level 1 and Level 2 Accredited Coach Training Programs and delivers all Levels in one, as a seamless singular journey to your coaching mastery
    3. 7 X 1-hour of personal mentoring – by an Accredited Senior or Master Coach who will be your own Mentor-Coach and work with you individually
    4. LIVE webinars – by international speakers and Accredited Coaches
    5. Over a 300-hour library of archived teleclasses and webinars – international faculty of lectures – FREE access forever
    6. 3-Day International Residential Coaching Experience Weekend (all expenses paid by the company)
    7. Right to Return to Residential Coaching Experience weekend any time you wish for FREE (forever, anywhere in the world) –
    8. 3-Day Online Coaching Experience Weekend - Free to attend, during your training and after you graduate. 
    9. Final skills assessment by a master coach (final practical exam in order to issue your diploma) FREE post-graduate support forever
    10. Monthly personal Q&A support time with the managing directors “Ask Us Anything” – FREE - during your training, and after you graduate, permanent access for free
    11. Personal support coaching – FREE
    write or call/viber/whatapp +359-876-426-929 or +359-876-426-930
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